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The Christmas - Project

The day started with an introduction for the day. In order to create a good mood, we heard a few Christmas songs. There were four groups: Bingo,to do handicraft Christmas cards, baking cookies and English Christmas in the Web. They changed the groups every lesson. In the last lesson we played Bingo and ate cookies.

Melena, Vanessa, Jakob, Emely, Jolina  

Computer Room  

On the 18th December during school Christmas project our group showed kids the Christmas song „Santa, Santa, high in the sky“ and listened to it with them. After that we made some exercises in English about Christmas, showed kids some Christmas stories in English, played Christmas games in English with kids, helped kids understanding some things in English. 

Timo, Xavier, Florian, Dominic, Patryk, Marlon


We, form 9a made some Christmas cards with our social connected class 5f. It was fun to work with the children.    


Johanna, Vincent, Leonie, Miriam



Our group called Winters Wonderland prepared the Christmas Bingo. We glued the cards together and we translated the words they didn´t know.

Dustin, Lea, Maxim, Jamie, Lucy R.  


We created delicious Christmas cookies with the form 5f. The black ones are for the… We baked together and glazed the cookies.


Lucy S., Pia, Ole, Samira